Project "pyjpyj" clothing renewal


Budget : 47'000.00

To make the children feel at home by providing them with comfortable "pyjpyj".
We  had noticed that the clothes given to the children were often inadequate and did not fully meet their needs. For instance, they were usually not suitable to the used with the many cables and tubes that were passing through and were generally uncomfortable. In other words, the clothes became an additional source of discomfort and stress and carried the potential for damaging health effects on the children’s body, including their sensitive skin. 
Based on this observation and the needs of the children, we decided to renew the clothes of the little patients and replace them with more comfortable, cheerful and colorful ones. 
This project also aims to meet the highest social, health and environmental standards. The clothes will carry the "OekoTex Standard100" label, guaranteeing the absence of heavy metals, endocrine disruptors or any other residues from harmful substances.
By participating in this project, you will soften the daily life of these little patients and brighten the days of their parents with a touch of positivity.

Project details

This project concerns all children from 0 to 16 years old in the Pediatric Intensive Care Division. All funds will be allocated to the purchase of the following items: 

140 long-sleeved cross body bags

40 short-sleeved cross-over bodysuits

100 sleep suits (summer) with front press studs and crotch press studs

80 winter sleepwear (snap front, crotch press)

100 long sleeve pajamas

300 short sleeve pajamas

20 baby hats

100 vests with snaps

70 pairs of socks

For this project, we selected Petit Bateau as our clothing supplier.

Time objective

Delivery of the clothes in the first quarter of 2022.