Tablets and headphones


Budget : CHF 1'705.-


To offer some distraction and entertainment to the children. 

The days of young patients are sometimes long and repetitive. À côté de toi aims to offer them some lightness and distraction through music, games and cartoons.

They are many reasons why parents cannot always be at their children's bedside, including the need to take care of the siblings. Knowing that their child is busy can ease some of their anxiety.  

It is also a relief for the caregivers since they usually have to take care of multiple children at the same time and therefore cannot always attend to the needs of all children. Having a tablet also spares them of having to use their own cell phones to entertain the children.

Projects detail

  • 4 Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 tablets with insurance

  • 4 screen protectors

  • 4 protective cases

  • 4 JBL headphones

  • various applications

Message from the pediatric intensive care division of the HUG

"The tablets help us a lot to distract the children while care is being given to their roommates or during an emergency". Julie Renaut, nurse specialist, pediatric intensive division, HUG.